Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Nephew's Coat - one little monkey

Well after mentioning it in April- it finally happened for our nephew's 2nd birthday - in August!

We hope it fits him- if not he has a younger brother, so we know it won't go to waste....

I'm back with 200 blocks

well I never really left- I just forgot to blog. I have made a few things since April, but I wasn't as productive this summer as last. I had a "part-time" job that was sometimes 12 hours/day.

Anyway... in case you ever wondered what 200- 8.5 inch squares looked like, here it is! My cats are guarding them closely (or rather sniffing to see where they've been). This is a project for my God Daughter, consisting of some 18 + receiving blankets. Soon to be homemade chenille. (NO, I didn't realize how much work this was until I really got into it, but hey it's fun!) 40 of the blocks you see here are 4 layers deep- otherwise they would not fit in my living room!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Fever

I know that I have been bad... but I am here to post again. I revisited the project started the last time Marge was here and actually managed it by myself. I only had to call her three times to translate the pattern lingo! Next will be a boy's jacket I think for the nephew... :-) We know cute boy's clothing is hard to find!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Neglect, Pure Neglect

I admit- I have been missing in action. There's been a lot of action- working long hours, tutoring and yoga classes. Can't say that I have done much art though. I did finally complete a quilt for a friend who had a baby girl this weekend- it was a quicky! Also I wanted to post a couple photos of the outfit on parade. As you can see, it's much cuter on the model...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Coffee Talk and Caterpillars

So I have been meaning to try out this idea for some time, but never quite seem to get there! It's something I saw in my Quilting Arts Mag and originally I thought it was dumb... but my greener side kicked in and said, "why not? -People who care about the environment might hang on to a nice, personalized Coffee Cuff!" So here's my first attempt at one. It was a good learning experience- the next will be even better (especially if I EVER get my fabric mover working).

Yes, the new machines were bought 12/19/06 and I have yet to try out the machine that allows me to free motion quilt with ease! Arg. I have to call the shop tomorrow because I can't seem to figure out one little detail- even after watching the set up DVD 3 times and reading the entire manual....

Then inching right along... inspired by the beetle seen on this site. My friend Mol asked for a caterpillar Mmm... Mmm Blankie or Tag Blanket. I wasn't sure if it could be done, but it turned out pretty cute. Seen here in yummy green minky fabric and yellow flannel on back!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Custom Cute!

So Marge was down here for a few weeks and we managed to find a small, but cute quilting shop. We came across some fabric we couldn't resist and a baby coat pattern to die for... here's the results of many hours x 2 (there was two of us working on it)! Schatzi may have a new product soon!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Mmms

Well I got a little more etsy crazy this weekend. I actually had a few, quiet minutes to myself, for a change. The new sewing machine glitch is fixed (it was set to German power wattage)! and it is up and humming like a champ! I have yet to try out the fabric mover. Still gun shy but now that the machine is working fine, I have no more excuses.

Two new (well repeated) Mmm...Mmm Blankies were posted to today. I intended on making a few Valentine quilted cards but decided to stick to the familiar. Maybe tomorrow?